How to cut french fries in a factory?

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How to cut french fries in a factory?

The French fries factory has a complete french fries line, which includes a french fries cutting machine. This machine is used to cut potato into strips. It is easy to operate with high efficiency,especially for industrial use. The machine cut the potato as thin strips,and the shape look good. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel. The blade are made of stainless steel, very sharp, which can cut the potato chips very fast in good shape. All the parts contacting with the foods are made of stainless steel. It is easy to operate and clean, fast to work, Widely used in fast food restaurant, hotel and relating industrial. 

french fries cutting machine

Is there anything else on the chip production line besides a French fries cutting machine?

In a full french fries production line,we have washing and peeling machine,machine to cut french fries,blanching machine,dewatering machine,continuous frying machine,deoiling machine,seasoning machine and packing machine. These machines form a complete French fries production line, making the production of French fries safer and more efficient.

french fries production line

Is there a big profit in the fries factory? Where does that profit come from?
1.Delicious French fries are not only popular abroad, but also popular in China,so its quantity demand is increasing.
2.French fries belong to fast food category, making fast, is the choice of most office workers.
3.The taste of French fries is sweet and crisp, especially when combined with tomato sauce.
4.The shape of the fries appeals to most children to buy them.
5.The price of fries is well within the range of most people.

How does our French Fries Cutting Machine work?

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