How To Favor Tasty Popcorn Evenly?

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Popcorn is a popular snack food for sports events and movie theaters. Whether people are watching movies outside or at home, they will choose to go with a bag of sweet popcorn. It is often said that popcorn and movies are a perfect match.Eating popcorn can also spice up a movie.But when we eat popcorn, we will find that some popcorn is very sweet and some popcorn has no taste at all, this is because in the process of making popcorn, there is a step problem, that is the seasoning process of popcorn.To solve this problem, our company has developed a popcorn seasoning machine, which can mix the popcorn and flavor in a short time to ensure the popcorn is well-seasoned.

popcorn seasoning machine

How to flavor popcorn?

Our octagonal drum seasoning machine, also known as powder mixing machine, is a kind of machine which can mix all kinds of materials by rotating and stirring, and it is suitable for mixing powder or materials in the process of production.Designed and manufactured according to the shape and characteristics of Fried food, it is a special equipment for frying food seasoning and mixing.With our  popcorn seasoning machine, we can guarantee the even seasoning of popcorn.

octagonal popcorn seasoning machine

How much do you know about the popcorn flavor recipe?

Popcorn seasoning can be referred to various popcorn flavor recipe that are used to add flavor to popcorn.Popcorn seasonings can be used to enhance the flavor of popcorn, and some are used to add a buttery flavor to popcorn.Because of the low density of popcorn, a lot of popcorn flavor is usually used.It is also sometimes used to add color to popcorn.Some popcorn sauces may contain sodium glutamate.Some popcorn flavorings are called popcorn salt.Dry popcorn seasoning can be finely grated to spread evenly over the popcorn.Common homemade popcorn sauces include salt and melted butter.

The introduction of our popcorn seasoning machine:

1. The octagonal popcorn seasoning machine manufactured by our factory is designed with octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantage that the raw materials of the round ball seasoning machine do not roll, and fully stirs the raw materials to taste evenly.And seasoning machine barrel without dead Angle, cleaning more convenient, can pull out the material, easy to use.

2. Electric control, speed adjustable, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotary.  High efficiency and low noise. 

3. The popcorn seasoning machine is widely used, not only can be used to flavor popcorn, but also can be used to flavor peanuts, green beans,french fries, fruit brittle, fried food and so on.

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