How To Start Potato Chips Business In Pakistan?

time:2019-04-08  Editor:Emily

A Pakistani customer found us a few days ago. He owns his own farm and grows a lot of potatoes. He thinks the potato chips market is very profitable and wants to start a factory that produces potato chips. Therefore, we have given the following suggestions to start potato processing plant in Pakistan.

How To Start Potato Chips Business?

1.Investigate the market 

Potato chips can increase the added value of potatoes, which is a product with great potential because it is considered one of the traditional foods in Pakistan.Potato chips need to be made in scientific and sanitary conditions.Potato chips are in great demand in Pakistan.It's a good idea to start small scale potati chips business in a local or remote area before entering a large market, because building a large factory requires a lot of money.

2.Recognize competition

Because of Lays, Pringles, Uncle Chips, Bingos, Balaji and so on, there are many famous brands in the market, so the competition is very strong in the larger market.But in smaller markets, small potato chips businesses are easy to get start.Entrepreneurs can set up local stores, get bulk orders for parties, restaurants, hotels, events, or sell them under their own brands to local stores, department stores, train stations, tea stalls, etc.

3.Prepare required raw materials:

Cooking oil
Flavor and spices
Material used for packing

The total cost of raw materials depends on the use of the company.To produce 100kg of chips, the entrepreneur's cost should be around rs15,000-20,000.Even less, depending on the price of the product in the region you are purchasing.Our customer has hisown farms, which will greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.

4.Purchase of required machinery/equipment:

  • Potato Washing and Peeling Machine:To make potato chips,the first step is to wash and pell potatoes.
  • Potato Chips Cutting Machine:The cutting thickness can be adjusted from 2 to 10 mm by using potato chips cutting machine.
  • Blanching Machine: This machine is to remove the starch from potatoes
  • Dewatering Machine:After blanching,the chips need to be dewatered to reduce the frying time.
  • Potato Chips Fryer Equipment: This machine can make chips crispy.
  • Deoiling Machine For Potato Chips:After frying,chips need to be remove oil for improving taste.
  • Potato Chips Flavoring Machine: This machine can help you to make delicioous chips.
  • Weight Packing Machine:This machine is fullky automatic,help you to pack chips with high efficiency.

5.Licenses required:
  • Registration under Shop establishment act. (known as Gumatsa in Maharashtra)
  • GST
  • Udyog Aadhar MSME online registration.
  • FSSAI License.
  • Trademark Registration. (If you want to sell the chips under your own Brand)
  • FDA license.

How does Potato Chips produce?

If you want to start potato chips business,contact to me now! We can supply you the potato chips making machine and offer you the production recipe.
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