Proper Environment To Store Potatoes For French Fries Production Line

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How to store potato for long time in french fries factory?

The two critical environmental factors involved in properly storing potatoes are temperature and humidity. Adequate and unrestricted air movement is also necessary to maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the storage pile, and to prevent excessive shrinkage from moisture loss and decay. 

Several factors can influence temperature management for stored potatoes. These include: whether the potatoes are to be marketed for processing, as fresh table stock, or as seed; the temperature of the tubers at the time they are placed in storage; the length of time the tubers are to be stored; the extent of tuber damage at harvest; and the presence of disease organisms. The storage temperature affects the curing and wound healing processes, disease spread and severity, the sugar-starch relationships, and respiration. Respiration, in turn, influences dormancy or sprouting, and weight loss. 
Maintain a 95 percent relative humidity at all times. High humidity is essential for optimum wound healing during the curing period. It is also essential during the entire storage period to minimize tuber weight loss; weight loss rapidly increases at relative humidity levels below 90 percent. 

Air Movement
Air movement may not be necessary during the curing period because the heat and moisture generated by the potatoes may provide an environment that is favorable for wound healing. 
Do not allow free moisture (condensation) to form during storage. If that does occur, air circulation may be necessary. Thereafter, air movement may be required to maintain the desired temperature and humidity throughout the storage pile. This may also require passing humidified air and/or heated or refrigerated air through the pile. 
From 10 to 20 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air per ton of potatoes is usually optimum, but the exact amount depends on the temperature of the outside air being brought in--warmer temperatures make more air necessary. The primary function of air movement is to maintain a uniform temperature and humidity. Therefore, continuous air movement is not necessary since intermittent air movement can accomplish this goal.
Dirt and clods are a problem that can seriously affect air movement through the storage pile. They tend to form a solid barrier that slows down air movement and prevents air from reaching some areas of the pile. 
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