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If you've ever been to a person from India, been to India or eaten Indian food, you've probably heard the word "namkeen." What on earth does this mean?Amkeen is the Hindi word for salty.The word namkeen comes from Namak, which means salt.Namkeen is also used as a generic term for a tasty snack.Both black and plain white salt are used in Indian cooking, which gives it the salty taste many people like.Whatever salt is used, namkeen usually satisfies many people's salt cravings. Do you know how such delicious namkeen is made?It has to be mentioned the automatic namkeen frying machine.Frying is the key step in the snack, and whether or not namkeen is crispy depends on the step.

automatic namkeen frying machine

As professional namkeen frying machine manufacturers, we are constantly improving the machine frying technology, making the machine more energy saving and frying effect better, which can reduce the production cost of users to the greatest extent and improve the quality of customers' use.Our continuous fryer machine after modification has many advantages for customers to improve the quality of fried namkeen.
  • The automatic namkeen frying machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, which can save oil, prolong the service life of oil, save oil 50% and water 40%.
  • The frying time and temperature of the continuous namkeen fryer machine can be adjusted by itself to meet the frying needs of various materials.
  • The bottom of the continuous namkeen fryer machine machine is equipped with a slagging system, which can remove the residue generated during frying at any time, without polluting the oil and improving the oil utilization rate.
  • The automatic namkeen frying machine is transported by upper and lower double-layer mesh belts. The material is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts and will not move freely, avoiding the problem of material floating and uneven frying.
And our namkeen  fryer machine price is very reasonable.We will provide the most suitable machine according to the customer's requirements, and meet the customer's requirements to the greatest extent.If you want more information about the automatic namkeen frying machine and the prices, please feel free to contact me.

continuous namkeen fryer machine

The working principle of our automatic namkeen frying machine is very simple, and the machine is also easy to operate and clean.After turning on the power of the machine, his heating system will make the oil temperature rise rapidly and reach the temperature suitable for frying. The materials will be transported into the machine between the double layer of mesh belt and then evenly Material fried with the conveying materials of the mesh belt.The conveying speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted.

The continuous namkeen fryer machine working video:

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