Do You Want To Know Potato Chips Making Machine Project?

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Do you want to know potato chips making machine project ? It's lucky for you and me to see this article. We specialize in potato chips making machine project. If you want to start a potato chip business, our company has developed a potato chips production line that can help you solve all your problems.The production line has large output and high production efficiency. For those who just start this potato chips business, we can provide a small scale potato chip production line, and the output of our production line can be customized according to the requirements of customers.We will do our best to meet any requirements of customers, customer satisfaction is our company's pursuit.

potato chips making machine project

Potato chips making machine project is actually very simple, then read on, more exciting content is waiting for you, I will reveal the potato chips making machine project for you.First of all, let me introduce the potato chips production process to you.

Potato washing and peeling--Potato cutting into slices--Potato chips blanching--Potato chips dewatering--Potato chips frying--Potato chips deoiling--Potato chips seasoning--Potato chips packing
  • Potato washing and peeling machine:This machine is the first step in potato chip production line. It is used for washing and peeling potatoes. The machine can quickly peel the potatoes, and the peeled potatoes are clean without damage.
  • Potato chips cutting machine:The machine is the second step in the potato chip production line. It is used to slice the potatoes. The blade in the machine is sharp and the cutting speed is fast. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted by simple adjustment of the blade. The thinnest can be cut to 1mm.
  • Potato chips blanching machine:This machine seems to be not important in the production process, but in fact it has many functions, blanching is to destroy the enzyme activity in potatoes, and give potatoes color protection.
  • Potato chips dewatering machine:The machine is used to dehydrate blanched potato chips, reduce frying time and reduce the content of the finished product.
  • Potato chips frying machine:The machine has a high degree of automation, and can automatically control the frying time and temperature, saving energy and resources, reducing costs.
  • Potato chips deoiling machine:Deep-fried potato chips, through the machine to remove the surface of excess oil, can extend the shelf life of potato chips.
  • Potato chips seasoning machine:The machine can make potato chips into various flavors without damaging them during the seasoning process.
  • Potato chips packing machine:Packaging can be customized according to the needs of customers.
potato chips production line

Through the text description to feel potato chips making machine project must be very ethereal, next we look at a potato chips making machine working video more profound understanding.

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