Design of Potato Peeling Machine

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Potato is edible starchy tuber.It is produced by certain plants of a genus of the nightshade family, especially the common white potato. The white-potato tuber is a food staple in most countries of the temperate regions of the world.. A popular meal is the french fries or chips, which requires the potatoes to be peeled and cut into strips. This meal is common in many hotels and restaurants. 

The challenge comes in peeling and cutting the potatoes in fast, effective and efficient way. Many hotels employ human labour specifically for this. The task is carried out at a pace which may sometimes not meet demand requiring hiring of more labour hence more costly. The task takes place in a two-step process peeling then cutting, which requires specialization of personnel to hasten the task. This has led to numerous inventions of automatic potato peeler machine and french fries cutting machine

automatic potato peeler machine
You must want to know Design of Potato Peeling Machine before you buy a potato peeling machine.
  • The potato washing and peeling machine is mainly composed of tank, power motor, nylon brush, spray pipe.
  • Using high power motor, high working intensity, can achieve continuous cleaning and peeling work, fully meet the output demand.
  • The material of the brush roller is treated with special technology. It has good abrasion resistance and gentle contact with the material. It will not damage the material.
  • The spray pipe equipped with the automatic potato peeler machine can assist the peeling and cleaning work after being connected to the tap water. There is no place for sundries to escape under the high-pressure spray and the potato can be cleaned completely.
  • The potato washing and peeling machine is made of 304 food grade stainless steel,in line with the requirements of health and elegant at the same time.
design of potato peeling machine
How Potato Peeling Machine Works?

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