Indian Customer Came For Vegetable Washing And Peeling Machine

time:2019-03-04  Editor:Emily

Yesterday, our Indian customer came to visit our company. He has his own fruit and vegetable processing plant in India. He wants to buy a commercial vegetable peeling machine that can wash and peel potatoes, ginger, carrots and lotus roots at the same time.We know that the customer is in China for business reasons, so we invite the customer to visit our factory, in order to better understand the vegetable washing and peeling machine and our company.We are professional vegetable peeling machine suppliers, welcome all customers to visit our company.

commercial vegetable peeling machine

After the customer arrived at the company, we gave him a detailed introduction of the characteristics of the vegetable washing and peeling machine :
  • Th commercial vegetable peeling machine is made of excellent SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the standards of food industry.
  • The machine vegetable peeling machine in india  can be used for cleaning and peeling in a variety of vegetable areas. It can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • The whole vegetable washing and peeling machine adopts nine brush rollers, which can make the material fully contact with the hair roller and efficiently peel and peel the vegetables.
  • The vegetable washing and peeling machine is compact in structure and high in automation, and is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.
  • A water filter tray is arranged under the equipment to effectively separate sewage and impurities without clogging the sewer.
  • The commercial vegetable peeling machine control system adopts waterproof switch and has long service life.
  • The equipment brush can be quickly disassembled and the maintenance is more convenient.
vegetable washing and peeling machine

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