Octagonal Potato Chips Flavor Machine|Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

Raw Material: potato chips,french fries,fries food
Capacity: 200kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to season potato chips in a short time and with no damage.
Advantages: This potato chips seasoning machine is easy to operate and can avoid damage of the food.The speed of the machine and the amount of seasoning can be adjusted.

seasoning machine

The Introduction of Commercial Octagonal Potato Chips Flavor Equipment

Octagonal drum seasoning machine,also named powder mixing machine is a kind of machine mixing a variety of materials together through rotating stirring,suitable for powdering or mixing material for lump,flake,granular food during production process.Design and manufacture based on the characteristics of the shape of Fried food,there are disc type and octagonal two forms,is special equipment for Fried food flavoring,mixing materials,which is currently advanced Fried food seasoning and equipment. 
flavor machine

The Features of Automatic Potato Chips Flavor Equipment

1.The octagonal design avoids the disadvantages of the raw material of the round ball seasoning barrel not turning.
2.In a short period of time to be processed food materials and seasonings required to fully mix evenly.
3..The machine can mix and season food evenly, with high output.

4.Frequency converter is used to realize different starting, stirring and discharging speed requirements.

5.Automatic tilt to send food materials.
6.Smooth and low noise rotation.
7.Stainless steel material appearance clean and generous.

8.The diameter and length of drum can be customized according to your needs. 

flavor machine
Aftersale Service
1.After the installation of equipment, the designated operator of your company for free guidance training, so that it can master the operation of equipment and maintenance of the general. 
2.In the equipment acceptance of the date of delivery, the product to provide a one-year free warranty, (including natural damage parts costs, except for electrical components, such as your company personnel due to improper operation caused by damage, after consultation only to collect the appropriate material fees).
After the expiration of the warranty, our company to provide a permanent warranty, only the appropriate cost fees, free of labor costs.
3.In order to ensure that your company's equipment to achieve the most ideal operating results, but also to save my company's maintenance costs, in the warranty period to ensure that the regular delivery of professional and technical personnel to repair and maintenance of products.
4.When the equipment failure, we received your notice, timely transfer arrangements to the on-site repair, to ensure the normal operation of equipment. The machine can be based on special models, special custom-made, the company has specialized research and development design departments, according to customers to provide program improvement or research and development order. The company wholeheartedly welcome all sectors of the community came to discuss business.
seasoning machine

How does our Potato Chips Seasoning Machine work?

Technial Data
Model GGCY800
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg


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