French Fries Or Potato Chips Processing Production Technology

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We Gelgoog Machinery Company provide you with free French fries production process, here, we will show you how to process french fries fully automatically in a complete french fries production line.

french fries production line

French fries are hot, whether soft or crispy, and are usually eaten as part of lunch or dinner or as a snack on their own. They are often found on diners, fast-food restaurants, bars and bar menus.They are usually salty and, depending on the country, may include ketchup, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup or other local specialties. Do you know the french fries processing technology?

The introduction of french fries processing line:

1.The process flow:

Raw material-Pick sorting-washing and peeling-trimming-cutting-blanching-dewatering-frying-deoiling-packing

2. Main equipment:

potato washing and peeling mahcine,french fries cutting mahcne,blanching machine,frying machine,dewatering and deoiling machine

3. Operating points:

(1)Raw material selection: raw material must be potato without germination, greening and pathological changes, with a single weight of no less than 160 grams.

(2)Washing and Peeling : Mechanical cleaning, potato peeling clean, raw materials without damage.

(3)Cutting: Mechanical slitting, uniform shape, high quality slitting, slitting size can be customized according to customer needs.

(4)Blanching: Blanching can not only destroy the polyphenol oxidase in potato, prevent the browning of French fries, reduce the frying time, but also conducive to starch gelation.General use 60 degrees Celsius hot water for a one-time blanching.

(5)Dewatering: Dehydration and drying can make starch gelatinize, increase the brittleness of the product, so that the moisture of the product after drying is evenly distributed, and the internal and external humidity is consistent

(6)Frying: Deep-frying is the key procedure of potato chips production. Advanced deep-frying technology is adopted to prevent the deep-frying from pasting.

(7)Deoiling: Deoiling can distribute the oil evenly and improve the taste of French fries.

We also provide french fries production line working video:

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