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Raw Material: Potato
Capacity: 300-1000 kg/h
Applications: This fully automatic french fries production line is mainly used to makes the french fries with the high quality.This french fries production line also could used to makes other fried food materials.
Advantages: The fully automatic french fries processing line has high degree of automation, large output, and can be customized according to customer needs and requirements.


The Introduction of Fully Automatic French Fries Production Line For Sale:

The production of fried potato chips and French fries processing equipment is the essence of similar products, retain the advantages of large-scale equipment for enrichment, and refer to the user's feedback information throughout the design and development. It has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, high profit, and easy use and maintenance. The full set of equipment consists of peeling, slicing (strips), blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, seasoning, packaging and auxiliary equipment.
The Process for Automatic French Fries Processing Line: 
lifting feed→clean peeling→chopping pruning→increasing feeding→slicing (strips)→rinsing→blanching→dehydration→fried→deoiling→flavoring→conveying → packaging.

This set of frozench french fries making machine for sale is made of stainless steel, with high output, save manual labor, and supply equipment installation and commissioning service.
The Working Principle of  French Fries Making Machine:
1.Cleaning and peeling machine: The use of gold steel sand lining cleaning peeling machine or brush cleaning washing machine can complete the cleaning and peeling work at the same time. High efficiency and low loss.
2.Slice cutting machine: both slice and cut. Slice thickness, cutting size can be adjusted.
3.Blanching machine: The rinsing and color protection will be performed on the sliced potato chips.
4. Dehydrator: Dewatering with centrifugal force. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
5.Oil and water mixing fryer: This equipment is advanced frying equipment. Due to the different proportions of water and oil, the water is on the bottom, and the oil is fried on the upper layer by hot chips. The residue is directly deposited in the water. The oil does not emit black smoke, which greatly prolongs the life cycle of the oil and causes the cost to drop significantly. Oil temperature control, thus ensuring the quality and taste of potato chips. After the work is completed, the water is released and the residue flows out with the water.
6.Deoiler: Centrifugal deoiler will deoil the freshly fried potato chips (bars) to overcome the defects of high oil content and greasy mouthfeel. Improves the taste of chips (bars).
7.Automatic seasoning machine: The drum type seasoning machine is made of stainless steel. The potato chips (strips) are uniformly turned during the rotation of the drum and the seasoning is sprayed or sprayed. Seasoning evenly and unbreakable.
fries production line
How does our Automatic French Fries Processing line work?

Technial Data
Item Power Dimension
1. Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50Hz 2000*800*1600mm
2. Cleaning and Peeling Machine 4.75kw/380v/50Hz 3100*900*1500mm
3. Sorting Conveyor 0.75kw/380v/50Hz 3000*900*900mm
4. Potato Chips Cutting Machine 1.1kw/380v/50Hz 950*800*950mm
5. Rinsing Machine 5kw/380v/50Hz 5000*1600*900mm
6. Blanching Machine 70kw/380v/50Hz 6000*1600*950mm
7. Air De-water Machine 15kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1200*1400mm
8. Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50hz 1500*800*1300mm 
9. Electric Heating Potato Chips Fryer Machine 203kw/380v/50Hz 7000*1200*2600mm
10. Oil Filter Machine 1.5kw/380V 1100*600*950mm
11. Vibrating De-oil Machine 1.5kw/380v/50Hz 1500*1000*1300mm
12. Air Drying Machine 8kw/380v/50Hz 4000*1200*1600mm
13. Elevator 0.75kw/380v/50Hz 2000*800*2200mm
14. Flavoring Machine 1.5kw/380v/50hz 2400*1000*1600mm


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