How To Operate Pork Skin Frying Machine Correctly ?

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Here,we Gelgoog Frying Machinery Company will tell you how to operate pork skin frying machine correctly.

Pork skin is a cooking term for the skin of a pig.It can be Fried in lard as a snack. Frying causes most of the fat to stick to the undercooked skin, resulting in a much smaller volume of cooked food. There may be different names for the product, such as chicharron in Spanish, kaiings in South Africa and pork greaves, pork scratchings or pork cracklings in the UK, although "crackling" may refer to the skin of a roast pork festival.

Pork skins eaten in restaurants and fast food restaurants are made by automatic pork skin frying machines.Because the pork skin made by this equipment is delicious, it is loved by many people, especially in America.What is the advantage of pork skin frying machine?The newly produced pork skin frying machine is made of high quality stainless steel.

The heat source of the commercial pork skin fryer machine can be electricity, coal and gas, a variety of heating methods are available, heating methods can be customized according to the needs of customers. Frying temperature and frying time can be freely adjusted according to different Fried food, simple operation. Continuous production under constant temperature ensures the consistency of frying temperature and time, and keeps the quality of Fried pork skin uniform.

The correct operation of pork skin frying machine:

1Before use, check the power supply to ensure the safety of power supply.

2. Put the machine in a stable place and check to see if it is installed correctly.

3.Start the power supply, set the frying time and temperature, and put the materials carefully to avoid scalding.

4.The machine frying temperature is high, do not touch directly with your hands.

pork skin frying machine

We Gelgoog Machinery Company have a professional automatic pork skin frying line,includes automatic frying machine,deoiling machine,air drying machine.

Deoiling machine: The deoiling machine adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugation, which rotates through the inner cylinder at high speed and throws out oil.

Air drying machine: We have two different types of air dryers, axial flow air dryers and rotary air dryers, which allow the material to be further dehydrated and deoiled.

pork skin fryer machine

The frying machine produced by our factory has powerful function, high efficiency and simple operation, and has been widely praised and recognized by customers.Automatic frying machine has a wide range of USES and reasonable purchase price, can be used for manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, schools and so on.After years of development, it has advanced technology and strict quality management.For more information about automatic frying machines, please feel free to contact me.
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