Hot Selling Banana Chips Frying Machine in India

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Our banana chips frying machine is very popular among banana chip producers in India. India is a country rich in bananas. Bananas have high nutritional value,Indian people can make a lot of profit by producing banana slices, so banana chip frying machine is very popular in India, and also very popular.

The reason why banana chips frying machine are so popular in India

The machine adopts advanced oil-water separation technology to overcome the shortcomings of traditional frying machine.It can maintain the cleanliness of frying oil and consistency of Fried food, which can not only improve the quality of Fried food, but also bring high added value.Automatic temperature control system can always maintain a good working state.Increase output and achieve stable food quality.The oil-water separation process can prolong the service life of frying oil without frequent oil changes.Exhaust valve to avoid energy waste, save energy costs.Banana slices can be fried evenly, crisp and taste good in a short time, making your products more competitive in the market.

banana chips frying machine

The Advantages of Banana Chips Frying Machine:

1. Equipped with automatic belt conveyor system, lifting system, saving labor.

2. Fryers can be heated by electricity, gas, diesel, etc.

3. Fryer can achieve industrial production, simple operation, stable performance.

4. The machine works long hours, saves effort and is easy to maintain.

5. Equipped with refueling system, oil temperature control system, more automatic.

6. Equipped with oil residue filtration system, extended the service life of oil.

banana chips deep fryer

The Value of Banana Chips:

1. It is rich in protein and has a balance of potassium and sodium.Eliminate edema.Improve immunity.Lower blood pressure, buffer anemia, conducive to growth and development.

2. Rich in fiber, with a sense of fullness, is conducive to weight loss.After eating can stimulate gastrointestinal tract, can prevent and cure constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

3. It is rich in carbohydrate hydration, which is an important material of the body.

4. Banana chips contains a lot of protein and mineral substance, often eat can have to maintain the balance of sodium potassium inside body, diuresis detumescence adjusts the action of blood pressure.

5.Banana slice contains a lot of dietary fiber, after eating easy to produce a sense of fullness, can play a role in promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, have the role of promoting metabolism.

Banana chips has a very high nutritional value, and India are the country is rich in bananas, to engage in banana chips production has a certain geographical advantage, in addition to the banana chips frying machine, our banana peeling machine and banana slicer also sell like hot cakes in India, and we provide a complete banana chips production line, production line with different production, 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h.Customers can choose according to their own production needs.If you are interested in the machine,please contact to me freely.
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