Fried Peanut Processing Line Sold To Nigeria

time:2019-01-17  Editor:Emily

This Nigerian customer has his own factory in the area to produce fried peanuts. Due to the expansion of the factory scale, this customer needs to purchase a newfried peanut production line.

Customers see our fried peanut production line on our website and get in touch with us. In the process of talking with the customer, we learned that the customer had bought the machine with poor quality before, so every time before the transaction, the seller will be asked to send an engineer to their local conversation, explain the performance of the machine and related information. After a week of talking with our engineers, the customers have enough trust in us and have successfully concluded the transaction with us. Nigeria is a country rich in peanuts, our Fried peanut line is not the first time to Nigeria, and our Fried peanut line is also sold to Senegal, India and other regions.

Next, I would like to introduce the production process of peanut Fried processing line for you:

Raw material(Peanut)--Peanut peeling--Continuous Frying--Deoiling--Seasoning

Wet Peanut Peeling Machine: Pay attention to soak peanuts before peeling. Wet type peanut peeling machine is specially designed for peeling the brown skin of peanut kernels. High quality automatic almond peeling machine have a high peeling rate and low broken rate. Peeled peanut enjoys a good taste and flavor and it can be used in deep processing of peanut drink and peanut dew.

Continuous Frying Machine: The heat source of the fryer can be electricity, coal and gas. The frying temperature and frying time can be adjusted freely according to different fried foods. Continuous production under constant temperature conditions ensures consistency of frying temperature and time, and the quality of fried potato chips is consistent.

Deoiling Machine:The machine uses centrifugal principle to remove excess oil from the material during rapid rotation. Equipped with shock-proof system, it won't shake in the process of use and is more stable.With the advantages of automatic unloading, no manual operation, high degree of automation.

Seasoning Machine:This machine is made of superior stainless steel.It is widely used in the whole production line of fried food, such as potato chips, onion slices and so on.It can season any food and mix ingredients and flavors evenly in a short time.The rotate speed of machine can be adjusted,can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.High efficiency, low noise.

fried peanut production line

The Advantages of Fried Peanut Production Line:

1. The production line has a large output and a high production rate.

2. The production line is made of high quality stainless steel, which is safer in the reproduction process.

3. The production line is simple to operate, stable machine structure and easy to use.

4. The production line has advanced, practical, safe, high quality and other advantages.

We adhere to the attitude of quality first, sincerely develop the best quality machine for customers, help customers to simplify production.Any questions please feel free to contact me.
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