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According to our company's statistics, Russians have the  highest proportion of buying high efficiency potato chips cutting machine. Why is this?

Potatoes enjoy the reputation of "second bread" in Russia.In Russia, potatoes are used for almost every meal throughout the year.According to statistics, Russia's annual per capita consumption of potatoes is 100 kilograms, almost the same as grain consumption.Last year, Moscow residents and tourists ate 450 kilograms of potato chips at gorky park in Moscow."Many countries have their own food festivals, such as cheese festival and wine festival," the organizing committee said.The potato, which plays an important role in the Russian diet, deserves our celebration.

Why do Russians like potatoes? There are three main reasons:

1. One reason is that the government promoted it vigorously in those days, leaving people with the customary stereotypes.Potatoes originated in America and then spread to all parts of Europe.Because potatoes are suitable for growing in poor soil, low temperatures at night, dry conditions and short sunlight, they grew more easily than other crops in many parts of Europe, yielding significantly higher yields than wheat and barley.

2. Second, potatoes are high in yield, do not need too much work, and a wide range of using.Russian potato is a small potato in the pit, watering can wait for the harvest.

3. Third, due to the special climate, Russia is short of vegetables, people have few choices, only a few vegetables such as red vegetables, carrots, potatoes can be planted in large quantities, so potatoes are naturally an important choice for russians.

Our efficient potato chip machine is popular in Russia, in addition to the Russian people's love of potatoes, but also because our High Efficiency Potato Chips Cutter Machine has many advantages:

1. The potato chips cutter machine is made of high quality stainless steel as a whole, which does not pollute food in the production process and is more safe. It conforms to the national food safety standard.

2.The potato chips cutting machine has the advantages of high quality slice, no damage to slice, high slice rate and no damage to material during cutting.

3. The slice thickness of the potato chips cutter machine can be adjusted according to the needs of customers,0-30 mm.The slice thickness of the machine can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

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