Hot Selling Banana Peeling Machine丨Green Plantain Peeler Machine

Raw Material:Green Plantains,Bananas
Applications: This machine is used to peel banana with high efficiency.The machine adopts manual feeding, automatic peeling processing technology.
Advantages:This machine can peel clean, and the bananas peeled are smooth without damage.The machine will separate the banana from the skin automatically.The machine is suitable for bananas of any sizes and curves.

Introduction of Automatic Banana Peeling Machine:

This hot selling banana peeler can peel quickly and completely.The peeled banana flesh is intact and undamaged, and the machine will automatically separate the peel from the flesh.This saves a lot of human resources and improves the working efficiency, 960kg per hour.

banana peeling machine

Features of Green Banana Peeling Machine:

1. The banana peeler is fully automatic and adopts the popular working mode: cutting roots and peeling.

2. It can continuously work with high peeling rate and high output.

3.The skin and flesh can be completely separated and the banana is not damaged.

4. Banana peel and flesh are separated and output automatically.

5.The machine is made of stainless steel, which is more safe.

6.The banana skin peeling machine has no special requirement on the size and curvature of bananas

Peeling Effect:

banana peelinf machine

The video of Plantain Peeler Machine:

Technial Data
Model Technical Parameters Working-station Capacity
GG-1 Voltage: 380V 1 worker, 960pcs/h
Power:0.37KW 1working-station
GG-2 Voltage: 380V 2 workers, 1920pcs/h
Power:0.74KW 2working-stations


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