Cassava Chips Production Line|Yuca Chips Making Plant

Raw Material:Cassavas
Applications: To produce delicious cassava chips with cassava chips making machines
Advantages:We offer tailored made turnkey solutions for your cassava chips making businesses with quality yuca chips making machines. All these ensure superior end products with less energy. And all the yuca chips making machines are designed and manufactured by our own professionals in factory.

 Introduction of Cassava Chips Production Line

Cassava chips production line is a process line to produce delicious cassava chips from cassava tubers. Cassava chips are also known as yuca chips, manioc chips, tapioca chips. As a cash crop, cassava is of great flexibility and can be processed into various end products. As for cassava chips, they are becoming more and more popular along with other snack foods such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips and so on. To gain profits from this lucrative cassava chips making business, you should better start with cassava chips process lines. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can provide tailored turnkey solutions for  you yuca chips processing lines with complete set of cassava chips making machines. 

Yuca Chips Making Process

To get cassava chips, cassavas have to be processes in following step:
Sorting and grading - washing and peeling - cutting - blanching - dewatering - frying - deoiling - air cooling - flavoring - packing

Tapioca Chips Making Machinery

1. Sorting and grading machine. The first step is to sort and grade cassavas. And this process can be both manually and mechanically. For small cassava chips making line, experienced human labor can do the job well. While for large scale cassava chips plant with great capacity needs, cassava sorting and grading machine is necessary. Our sorting and grading machine can sort and grade the cassavas according to sizes and weights effectively and efficiently.
2. Washing and peeling machine. In washing and peeling process, the selected cassavas are washed and peeled. Washing and peeling may be easy but it is essential process, for it can largely determines the quality of end products. Our cassava washer and peeler machine is one piece of machinery that integrates both washing and peeling. As a result, you do not need extra machine to the job. Working on abrasive operation, our cassava washing and peeling machine can wash and peel the cassavas in an effective and efficient way.
3. Cutting machine. In this cutting process, the peeled cassavas are cut into thin slices so that they can be fried in an optimum way. Our cassava cutting equipment can cut thin cassava chips with adjustable thickness. With smart design, the cassava cutter can cut yuca slices effectively and efficiently.
4. Blanching machine. The blanching process can wash off extra starches from the cassavas, preserve color of cut yuca, and eliminate potential bacteria. Our blancher machine can blanch cassava slices effectively and efficiently with precise control of water temperature and blanching time.
5. Dewatering Machine. Dewatering is necessary for it drains off extra water on cut cassavas after blanching. Our dehydration machine works on vibration, which can remove extra water with minimum damage to the products.
6. Frying machine. Our cassava chips frying machines can not only fry cassava chips with optimum quality but also use oil and energy with in a sustainable way. For our yuca chips frying lines are equipped with advanced technology, and can control oil temperature precisely and remove particles quickly.
7. De-oiling machine. Like our de-watering machine, the de-fatting machine can remove extra oil on surface of fried cassava chips after frying by vibration. And the de-fatting machine can do the work in an effective and efficient way.
8. Air cooling machine. This machine can cool down the hot fried cassava chips so that they can be handled in following steps.
9. Flavoring machine. To make the plain cassava chips delicious, flavors are needed. Our flavor mixing machine can spread different flavors in the products evenly with adjustable angles.
10. Packing machine. Packing finished cassava chips can not only prolong shelf life, but makes transportation easy. What’s more, careful packaging can also serve as promotion tool for your brands.

Benefits of Cassava Chips Processing Line

1. Customer design. Whether you want to start small or large scale cassava chips making lines, we can offer you tailored turnkey solutions with quality yuca chips making machines. Suitable process line is vital for your cassava chips making business.
2. Quality machinery. All the yuca chips making machines are made of high quality food grade stainless steels, which make them durable for long time operation. And these make the machines great investments for you with great returns.
3. Easy cleaning. Sanitation is vital for cassava chips processing. Taking this into consideration, our cassava chips making machines are of smart and sanitary design. As a result, they allow for quick cleanness and thorough maintenance with less down time.
4. Competitive prices. We are professional cassava chips line manufacturer, and the yuca chips making machines are designed and engineered in our own factory. This allows competitive prices than those of our competitors.
Great customer service. We offer all around services for our cassava chips making lines. From pre-sales services to after sales services, we are always here for you.

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