100 Kg/h Chin Chin Making Machine For Sale

Raw Material:Flour,Dough
Capacity:50-150 kg/h
Applications: This chin chin making machine is used to make dough into chin chin with high automation.
Advantages:The chin chin making machine is available in different capacity, from 50 kg/h to 150 kg/h. Chin chin produced by this machine is even and good-looking. This machine is high degree of automation, stainless steel manufacturing, no pollution of food, safety and hygiene.

The Introduction of Chin Chin Making Machine:

This machine is the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to produce chin chin. The machine has different capacity,such as 50 kg/h,100kg/h,150kg/h, and can be customized according to the production requirements of customers.Electric heating, gas heating and other heating methods.

fried chin chin

The Main Equipment of Chin Chin Making Machine:

1. Dough Mixer:Mainly used for mixing all kinds of flour products. Large capacity and has a greatly improving of the stirring speed and efficiency. The dough produced by the machine has a certain elasticity. SUS304 stainless steel material.

2.Dough Pressing Machine: Place the quantitative dough on the lower conveyor belt, automatically transfer the dough to the pressure wheel, and repeatedly press to achieve the desired effect. 

3. Chin Chin Cutting Machine: This machine is used for pressing the surface into small pieces, and can adjust the thickness and size of the finished product. Special cutting machine structure, cutting a more thorough, more standard size. 

4. Chin Chin Frying Machine: The frying machine is used for chin chin, adopts the heating method of the absorption tube, has the stirring function, the heating is even, solves the local peroxidation phenomenon, maintains the frying color to be good, effectively improves the burning food quality.Automatically control the temperature of different foods.

5. Deoiling Machine: The machine is made of stainless steel.It is mainly used to deoil frying food. This machine is used here to deoiling chin chin to ensure the taste of chin chin.

chin chin making machine

The Advantages of Chin Chin Making Machine:
1.Reasonable design,easy to operate.
2.High efficient, high capacity,large output.
3.Durable,stabke and long service time.

4.All the machine can be cutomized by customer's demands.

The video of chin chin cutting machine:

Technial Data
Name Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Thickness Range Forming range Dimension
Dough Mixer Machine
4 100     1260*720*1400
Dough sheet press machine 2.2 700 5-25mm <350mm(width) 1130*610*1060mm
Paste Cube Cutting Machine 1.5 50-100 0-30mm 23.5~188(length)
Frying Machine 36 100-150     1300*1400*1800mm
Deoiling Machine 2.2 200     1200*1100*1400mm
Seasoning Machine 1.1 100-30     1500*600*1600mm


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