How To Make Sweet Banana Chips ?

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Banana chips stand out among many snacks for their high nutritional value. In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of banana chips, we manufacture a banana chips production line.

What is the process of making sweet banana chips in a factory?


1. Banana Chips Peeling Machine:use the banana peeling machine to remove the banana skin. Our banana peeling machine not only effectively removes the banana skin, but also won't hurt the flesh of the banana and keep the original taste of the banana.

2. Banana Cutting Machine:This machine has good cutting performance. Smooth cutting surface, fast cutting speed, high efficiency and no damage to food.

3.Banana Chips Frying Machine:It is an oil and water mixing frying machine. The oil and water will separate with each other when mixed. The oil is used to fry food after heated in the upper position, and the water will be used to accept the waste residues, which can be cleaned timely.

4.Banana Chips Deoiling Machine:Remove excess oil from the surface of the banana chips. This machine not only improves efficiency but also makes bananas more delicious.

3. Bananan Chips Seasoning Machine: The machine can sufficiently mix the raw materials. There is no dead angle in the seasoning drum so that it is easy for cleaning. It can be inverted for discharging materials.

5.Banana Chips Packing Machine:This packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions,such as bag making, the measuring, filling, inflating, counting, sealing, code printing, material giving, stopping in certain quanting, fixed-bag cutting and same cutting.

banana chips processing line

Why the factory prefer the Banana Chips Processing Line?

Banana chips processing line can make banana chips more efficiently.Most of banana chips manufacturers prefer to make banana slices through production lines. Banana is one of nutritious food which rich with potassium and fiber. Banana chips were made by frying or dehydrating. Banana chips contain essential vitamins and minerals, and a large number of saturated fats and major nutrients are more than fresh bananas. This is the best choice for leisure food. So bananas have a big market for sale. The banana slice production line is a fully automatic production line with high efficiency and large output. It can help banana chips producers increase production and meet the needs of the market. 

Why are banana chips factories so profitable?

1. Banana chips have a unique flavor and are loved by the general public.

2. Banana chips are nutritious, inexpensive and easy to eat.

3. Banana chips can often be seen in a variety of snack shops, can be seen everywhere, convenient to buy.

4. Banana chips are a good source of several important nutrients. Bananas can provide about 27 grams more carbohydrate than the same size fruit, but only more than 1 gram of protein and less than half gram of fat. It also provides vitamins B and C.

How does our Banana Chips Making Machine work?

If you are interested in the banana chips processing line or have any problem about processing banana chips,welcome to contact to me by email or phone.

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