Working Principle of Automatic Stir Frying Machine

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Do you know how does the automatic stir frying machine work? Let us take a look at the structure and working principle of the machine and increase our mechanical knowledge.

At present, the automatic stir frying machine is the most advanced deep-frying equipment in the fried food processing plant. It has the functions of automatic oil discharge, automatic gas or electric heating and automatic stirring. The deep-fried food can be produced automatically, which greatly improves the automation. As a result, the equipment is very popular in the deep-frying food processing plant, and our automatic stir frying machine has been sold to many such plants.

The design principle of Automatic Stir Frying Machine

This automatic fryer machine uses high-quality SUS 304 materials with advanced technology, intelligent digital display temperature controlling device with convenient and practical function. The temperate of oil and water can be both fully controlled by customer, which can save 40% electricity and 50% oil, compared to other frying machine.

The working principle of French Fry Fryer Machine:

After the equipment runs normally, the material is put into the hopper evenly and continuously.The materials are rotated and stirred in the oil pan to ensure a more even frying and a better effect.

automatic stir frying machine

Introduction of Gas Frying Machine

1. The main body of machine uses SUS304 stainless steel.

2. The synchronous of revolution and rotation mixing way, ensures the uniformity of the food Fried, in case of food stick together, because of extrusion, mixing system makes the frequency conversion.

3. Automatic discharging system, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, to ensure the consistency of the food fried in frying machine time, improve the quality of the product.

4. Special sizes can be produced according to customer’s demand.

5. The machine can be made to be gas heating and electric heating. For gas heating type, it needs to add the burner and the gas pipe. Thus the cost and the size of gas model will be bigger.

6. The stirring function can help you to stir the frying material well, especially for the floating material, such as vegetable and fruit chips, the stirrer can press them into oil by the rotary of shaft and flap valve, labor-saving and get beautiful fried food. The stirrer can rotary all around the pan.

7. The discharging parts are designed into groove model to help the material to feed out smoothly and correctly.  

How does our Deep Frying Machine wrork?

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