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We Gelgoog Machinery Company specializes in manufacturing chin chin making machine. We have a professional team to provide you with comprehensive services, including pre-sales, sales and after-sales.Here I will intoduce how to make chin chin.

What is the Chin Chin Making Process?

1. After the flour is prepared, it enters the dough mixer and is made into dough.

2. Next,the dough goes into the flatting machine,turns into a flat and rectangular pastry shape.

3. The pastry then enters the cutting machine and can be cut into various shapes such as triangles, diamonds, rectangles and so on.

4. The cut material then enters the frying machine and passes through high temperature frying to turn golden

5. Then, the fried material enters the deoiling machine for deoiling,the deoiled material tastes better.

6. The final step is to season the material and change it into the desired flavor.

What is good chin chin?

Good chin chin should be golden, and its size is uniform,It tastes sweet, crisp,delicious and chewy.It can pull silk when eating, let a person be unable to stop even though one wants to.A good chin chin is softer to pinch, and more glutinous to eat.

fried chin chin

How much do you know about the Chin Chin Making Machine?

A full automatic chin chin making machine contain dough mixer,flatting machine,cutting machine,continuous frying machine,deoiling machine and flavoring machine.Such a complete chin chin production line can greatly increase production capacity, improve production speed, and finally achieve efficient production, and can greatly save labor productivity and reduce labor costs,thus increase the benefits of production.If you want to be in the business of selling chin chin, having such a production line is essential, and it can create more profits for you.

chin chin making machine

Our company has a strong technical force. Over the years, the chin chin making machine has sold to many countries.If you have any questions about the chin chin making machine,please feel free to contact me.
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