How To Make Prawn Crackers easily?

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Through mechanical production, the production of shrimp slices can be simplified, and the production efficiency of shrimp slices has been greatly improved. Our company has developed a new product, prawn crackers making machine, easy to operate, to simplify production.

prawn crackers making machine

What are the prawn crackers made of?

prawn crackers are made from tapioca powder and water.In the traditional way, to get the most crunchiness, shrimp slices are usually dried before frying to remove moisture.Once dry, fry them (keep them at a high temperature before cooking).In just a few seconds, they expand from a thumb-sized translucent chip to a fluffy white cookie like popcorn.If left in the air for more than a few hours (depending on humidity), they can start to soften and become chewy, so it's best to eat them within the first few hours after frying.Store the prawn crackers fillets in a low humidity environment or in an airtight container to keep them brittle.
What is good prawn crackers?

Good prawn crackers should be light yellow, and its size is uniform, sheet thickness is about 2 mm. The sound of the collision between the prawn crackers should be crisp, so the prawn crackers are relatively dry. The sound of the prawn crackers indicates that they contain more moisture.When Fried, the surface of the prawn crackers will be covered with "honeycomb". The smaller the size of the "honeycomb" and the non-stick teeth, the better the quality of the shrimp chips.

How to make good prawn crackers?

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