Banana Peeling Machine In Banana Chips Production Line

time:2019-03-27  Editor:Emily

The first step in the production of banana chips is to peel the banana. When the efficiency of this step is improved, the production efficiency of the whole banana chips will be improved accordingly.In order to help banana chips producers improve production efficiency, our company invented a fully automatic ripe banana peeling machine, which is widely used in the banana chips production line.

ripe banana peeling machine
What our Green Plantain Peeling Machine can help you do?

  • Can peel the green banana clearly. peel the banana pulp sleek no damage.
  • Peeled banana flesh after the separation, automatic output.
  • Can peel banana of any size,curve and varieties.
  • Can inproce prrling efficiency,1.0 seconds to complete the work of a banana peel.
plantain peeling machine

The plantain peeling machine in nigeria has helped many nigerians start their banana chips production business, and we also provide a professional banana chips production line, which includes banana peeling machine,banana slicer machine,frying machine,deoiling machine,seasoning machine and pecking machine,the output can be adjusted according to customer's reqyuirements.

How does our Ripe Banana Peeling Machinmachine work?

The plantain peeling machine price is reasonable for banana chips makers,more details welcome to email
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