Potato Chips Frying Machine In India

time:2019-03-28  Editor:Emily

The potato chips frying machine in india adopts oil-water mixing technology, specially designed for potato chips, peanuts, broad beans and other products.It can fry all kinds of products at the same time, and there is no taste mixing between each other, convenient, safe and healthy.Our potato crisps are well known among small and medium-sized food processing enterprises.Our fryers save 50 percent of the oil and 40 percent of the electricity.

potato chips frying machine in india

Features of Potato Chips Deep frying Machine:

1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, clean, hygiene and durable.
2. Easy operation, easy clean and easy maintenance.
3. Automatically clean oil residues, prolong oil service life.
4. No oil smoke, environment-friendly. The water produces a small amount of vapor continuously to replenish the oil, restraining the mass volatilization of oil, reduces air pollution and avoids suffer from the smoke.

potato chips deep frying machine

How does our Frying Machine For Potato Chips work?

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