Banana Slicing Machine In Nigeria

time:2019-04-28  Editor:Emily

Yesterday, a Nigerian customer found us. He wanted to cut the corrugated banana slices and asked if we had such a machine. Our machine used to cut the potatoes into corrugated slice, but it has not been tried for bananas. So I found a colleague in the product department who helped me with the test of banana chips cutting machine at the factory. Our machine can cut the banana into a corrugated sheet. Here is the test video of corrugated banana chips cutting machine:

We are banana slicing machine manufacturer,we can customize the machine according to the needs of customers. The customer was very satisfied with our test machine video and wanted us to give him a detailed introduction of the machine:

  • This machine can cut tuber vegetable/fruits into slices, strips and pieces by changing blades of different specifications.Besides it can also cut into wave slices by specific wave knife.
  • The thickness and size can be customizable. A machine serves several purposes, with strong power, creating a high output. 
  • Besides, the cutter head can be changed conveniently. With the characteristic of easy-to-use handling, convenient cleaning.
banana chips cutting machine

Seeing this, you must be like the customer, want to know the banana cutting machine price, we are banana slicing machine manufacturer, you buy the machine from us, the price must be fair and reasonable, because there is no middleman between us to make the difference. The output of our machines is large or small, and the machines of different productions are different, so if you want to know the price of the machine, please come and discuss with us in detail.

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