How To Make Fried Food Less Greasy?

time:2019-04-30  Editor:Emily

As living standards improve, people have realized that extra calories and fat are harmful to health. In order to improve people's health, the food industry has been moving towards low calorie and high nutrition health. So how can we reduce the oil content when producing french fries? In order to make fried food less greasy,we developed a fried food deoiling machine.

fried food deoiling machine

In the french fries production line, the fried food deoiling machine is used to remove excess oil from the surface of the fries after the frying process. Investigations have shown that the surface of the fries contains six times as much oil as the inside of the french fries, so it is important to remove the oil from the surface of the fries. Our deoilers use advanced centrifugal principles to ensure maximum deoiling. In addition, the shock absorbers are equipped to reduce vibration during deoiling, ensuring stable performance and long service life. The installation of automatic electromagnetic braking and digital input control plays an important role in saving energy and labor.

Delicious food allows consumers to continue to buy, but looking delicious is the primary factor that attracts people to buy. The fries processed by the degreaser look bright and brittle. On the other hand, the excess oil is separated by centrifugal force, avoiding oily or greasy French fries, making the seasoning process more transparent. Most importantly, excess oil can be collected in the bucket. In this way, oil is recycled rather than wasted, which will save you a lot if you are in the country where the oil is expensive. With a fried food snack deoiling machine, you can not only make delicious fries, but also get high profits with low investment.

Whether it is a side dish for lunch or dinner, or as a snack, french fries are the best-selling products on the market. More importantly, our French fender de-oiler can also be used to remove oil from fried foods such as banana chips and potato chips. The machine can be customized according to customers' needs.Here show you the working video of fried food deoiling machine:

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