Hot Sale Fried Food Deoiling Machine For Sale In Philippines

Raw Material:Fried Food,Snack
Capacity:200 kg/h
Applications: The fried food deoiling machine is used to remove excess oil from fried food.
Advantages:The fried food deoiling machine is mainly used for the deoiling treatment of fried foods, and uses the centrifugal principle to efficiently deoil the oil. The machine's rotation speed and deoiling time can be adjusted according to different materials.Material can be automatically discharged after deoiling, reducing labor force.

The fried food deoiling machine is mainly for the deoiling work of the fried food processing industry. The food deoiling machine uses the centrifugal movement as its working principle to achieve the purpose of deoiling. Suitable for deoiling of a variety of fried foods, such as french fries, potato chips, fried chicken, pork skin and so on. The machine is highly efficient, equipped with a conveyor, can be automatically loaded or unloaded, and is the most advanced fried food deoiling machine.

fried food deoiling machine

Food Deoiling Machine Features:

  • The whole machine is made of food stainless steel and meets the requirements of food hygiene.
  • The food  deoiling machine is equipped with an anti-vibration system. During the deoiling process, the equipment will not vibrate and will not generate noise.
  • The fried food deoiling machine is equipped with electromagnetic brakes and digital automatic control to ensure safe and energy-saving working conditions.
  • The machine uses a time controller to control the working time, and the deoiling time can be set freely according to the raw materials, saving you time.
  • Using the principle of centrifugation, the oil is automatically deoiled, and the material can be automatically fed through the conveyor. After deoiling, the material can be automatically discharged from the bottom and then passed through the conveyor to the next processing program.
Deoilimg Effect
fried food deoiler machine

Food Deoiling Machine In Philippines Working Principle:

The deoiling machine takes the centrifugal movement as its working principle, namely drives the liner by the electric motor to make the high speed rotation, the oil of the deoiled material makes the centrifugal movement under the high speed rotation, the oil spatters the liner from the all round eyes of the liner shell, achieves the deoiling purpose.

How Does Fried Food Deoiling Machine In Philippines Work ?

Technial Data
Name Power Weight Dimension Capacity kg/time
Deoiling Machine 2.2kw/380v 320kg 1200*1100*1400mm 200kg/h


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