Centrifugal Deoiling Machine For Fried Food

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Why deoil for fried food?

Fried food is extremely high in oil content. For the sake of health, we need to remove excess oil from the surface of fried food before eating.Studies show that most of the oil is confined to the surface area of fried foods.High oil content tends to make food so greasy that you don't want to eat a bite.High in oil means high in fat.A high-fat diet can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease because fat is the main source of energy.So the oil content of fried food becomes a major factor in determining whether your customers accept it or not.For the customer's preference, after frying food,we need to go through the centrifugal deoiling machine to remove oil from fried food.

centrifugal deoiling machine

Fried food deoiling machine is a machine to remove the oil on the surface of fried food.Adopt the centrifugal principle to ensure the maximum oil removal.The deoiled food is bright in color and crisp in taste.Crispy is the ultimate goal of every fried food lover.In addition, people can recycle the excess oil to reduce the waste of oil.

fried food deoiling machine

Reasons for choose our Chips Deoiling Machine:
  • The fried food deoiling machine is made of stainless steel, meeting the requirements of food hygiene.
  • The fried food deoiling machine adopts high-quality time controller to control the deoiling time, which can be set freely to save your waiting time.
  • The chips deoiling machine adopts large diameter oil outlet, so it can discharge oil quickly and improve working efficiency.
  • The output of the centrifugal deoiling machine can be customized according to the needs of customers.
  • The fried food deoiling machine is equipped with shockproof equipment, which will not cause violent vibration during the process.
  • Small energy consumption, large output, continuous work, high efficiency.

How does our Centrifugal Deoiling Machine work?

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