Fully Automatic Chakli Machine In Pune

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Chakli is a tasty snack from India.It is a spiral-shaped snack with a spiked surface.[1]Chakli is usually made of rice flour, bengal gram (brown chickpea) and black gram (urad daal).It varies in several ways, depending on the type and proportion of flour used.Murukku is a similar snack that usually does not contain bengaluru flour, sometimes called chakli.Do you know how the manufacturer makes chakli?They all have such a continuous chakli frying machine to improve the quality of products, if you are also a chakli manufacturer, the next to know about the nurukku frying machine.

chakli frying machine
Our chakli machine in pune is very welcome,and the chakli frying mahcine has many advantages for chakli manufacturers:
  • The chakli frying machine uses the international common oil and water mixing process design, compared with the ordinary fryer, more oil saving.Extend the service cycle of cooking oil, without the generation of carbonized oil, save 50% of oil, and recover the equipment investment in half a year
  • Using the murukku frying machine, the food residue produced in the frying process can be filtered by water into the bottom of the funnel, through the discharge of sewage outlet, so as to achieve the effect of oil filtration, and not waste oil.
  • Double layer net belt design, the product is clamped between double layer net belt when frying, avoid product to float, make food fry system more even.
  • Net belt can automatically lift, convenient cleaning, greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, and clean health.
  • The murukku machine price is low,can recover the equipment investment in half a year.
murukku frying machine
Introduction of Chakli Machine Design:

This machine is the latest frying equipment developed by our company and is widely used in the production of various fried foods. Using the principle of different oil, water and specific gravity, the residue generated in the working process is completely submerged in water, which fundamentally solves the residue, animal fat and oil in the traditional fryer, and repeatedly frying, so that the fried oil is acidified and carbonized and metamorphosed to produce carcinogens. problem.

chakli fryer machinie

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