Two Kinds Of Banana Chips Cutting Machine For Banana Chips Processing Line

time:2019-02-19  Editor:Emily

In order to meet the needs of all the banana chips manufacturers, our company developed two new banana chips cutter machine, one kind is oval banana chips slicer machine, the other is a circular banana chips slicer machine, both machine has many advantages, is widely used in the banana chips production line, in order to help you choose the right machine better, then I will introduce the two machine.

banana chips slicer machine

Introduction Of Oval Banana Chips Cutter Machine:

  • The plantain chips slicing machine can be used as a multi-purpose machine, both for fruits and vegetables.
  • The banana chips cutting machine is made of high quality stainless steel, strong and durable, sharp blade wear, good performance.
  • The banana chips slicer machine can be used for both cutting and slicing, the size of cutting and slicing can be adjusted.
  • The machine has high cutting speed and large output, which can meet the production demand of banana chip production line.
  • The blade of the plantain chips slicing machine is easy to disassemble and maintain.
banana chips cutter machine

How does oval banana chips slicer machine work?

  • Compared with the oval banana chips slicer machine , this circular banana chips cutter machine can only be used for slicing, not for shredding.
  • The banana chips slicer machine can also be used for both fruits and vegetables, slice thickness can be adjusted.
  • Compared to the oval banana chips slicer machine, the circular plantain chips slicer machine has multiple inlets for cutting multiple materials simultaneously.
  • The surface of the products cut by the two banana chips cutting machines is smooth and intact, without damaging the materials.
banana chips slicer machine

How does our circular banana chips cutter machine work?

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