How To Cut Chin Chin With Machine In Nigeria?

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Chin chin, as a delicious snack, is very popular in Nigeria. Chin chin can be found on the table of every family in Nigeria.Therefore, as a manufacturer of chin chin in Nigeria, it is necessary to produce chin chin in large quantities. If only relying on manual processing, it cannot meet the demand of chin chin production. Therefore, the manufacturer of chin chin in Nigeria needs to rely on machine production. Do you know how to cut chin chin with chin chin cutting machine? Nect,I will introduce for you.

chin chin cutting machine

Working Principle of Industrial Chin Chin Cutting Machine:

When the dough enters the chin chin cutting machine, the machine first flattens the dough, and the flattened dough is conveyed forward through the chin chin cutting machine, and the cutting is completed by the pressing of the blade during the conveying process. The blade of the machine is sharp, formed by a knife, formed well, and has a high forming rate.

industrial chin chin cutting machine

Our Industrial Chin Chin Cutting Machine Have Many Advantages:

  • Machine cutting thickness, length, width,capacity can be customized according to customer needs.
  • The shapes cut by our chin chin cutting machine can be customized according to customers' needs, such as rectangle and triangle.
  • The machine cutting efficiency is high, the output is big, may satisfy the large-scale production need.
  • The chin chin cutter machine price is low, suitable for the manufacturer who just started chin chin's business, and it can make a quick return in a short time.
  • The machine simulates the principle of manual cutting, with high cutting forming rate, which can be used alone or in chin chin production line.
chin chin cutting machine in nigeria
Where To Buy Chin Chin Cutting Machine?

Henan Gelgoog Machinery company is a professional manufacturer of food processing machinery. In addition to providing chin chin cutting machine, we also provide the whole chin chin production line, including dough mixer, cutting machine, frying machine, deoiling machine and seasoning machine. If you need, we can also provide packaging machine for you.Our machines have helped meet the production needs of chin chin manufacturers in Nigeria.Next, please watch a video of chin chin cutter.

How does our machine work?

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