Automatic Stir Pork Rinds Frying Machine Manufactures In America

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The brief introduction of automatic pork skin frying machine in America
The automatic pork rinds frying machine is a professional round pot frying machine, which has electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, other heating methods, smokeless, multi-purpose frying equipment in the Philippines.This frying machine has a wide range of applications, including green beans, broad beans, chicken steak, chicken rack, meatballs, peanuts, mushrooms, French fries, potato chips and so on.

automatic stir pork skin frying machine
Features and advantages of pork rinds frying machine:
  • The automatic stir frying machine is made of stainless steel material, automatic water and oil temperature control system improves the fried product quality.
  • The pig skin frying machine uses advanced oil water separation technology, which can save oil 50%, save power 40%. 
  • The synchronous of revolution and rotation mixing way, ensures the uniformity of the food Fried, in case of food stick together, because of extrusion, mixing system makes the frequency conversion.
  • Automatic discharging system, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, to ensure the consistency of the food fried in frying machine time, improve the quality of the product.
  • The stirring function can help you to stir the frying material well, especially for the floating material, such as vegetable and fruit chips, the stirrer can press them into oil by the rotary of shaft and flap valve, labor-saving and get beautiful fried food. The stirrer can rotary all around the pan. 
  • Oil and water will be automatically separated after mixing, oil on the top to fry food, water at the bottom to receive waste, which actually can keep oil clear and reduce the oil-wasting.
  • The automatic stir pork skin frying machine adopts exquisite workmanship, is suitable for frying many kinds of food.
  • The discharging parts are designed into groove model to help the material to feed out smoothly and correctly.  
  • Operation buttons, we will put it in your language as you want, convenient for operating.
pork rinds frying machine

Professional pork rinds frying machine supplier:
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Working video of automatic stir pork skin frying machine:

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