Where To Buy Chin Chin Cutting Machine In Nigeria?

time:2019-01-17  Editor:Emily

Our chin chin cutter machine sold to Nigeria last week.The chin chin cutting machine can cut different shapes and the length and width of the cutting shape can be adjusted.If you are also a chin chin manufacturer in Nigeria, do not worry that our machines cannot be shipped to your country. Our chinchin cutting machines are not only sold to Nigeria, but also to India, Indonesia and other countries. In addition to chinchin cutting machine, we also provide a whole chinchin production line, including dough mixer, noodle press, cutting machine, frying machine, deoiling machine and seasoning machine.In this way, the whole chinchin production line can realize full automation, reduce labor level and labor cost, thus bringing more profit space for manufacturers.
chin chin cutting machine
As Nigeria's chin chin producers, are you still using artificial production way, there are many production chin chin Nigerian businessmen choose in our company to buy chin chin cutter, because mechanical cutting can not only ensure the number of products, improve the efficiency of cutting, and, more importantly, mechanical cutting can guarantee the quality of cutting.Our cutting machine has a large output and can be customized to various sizes according to customers' needs.The machine has a sharp blade that will not stick when cutting.If you don't know where to buy a chin chin cutting machine in Nigeria, we won't let you down.Next, I will introduce our chin chin cutting machine to you.

chin chin cutter machine
The features of chin chin cutter machine:
1. The machine simulates the principle of cutting food manually and is a multi-functional snack cutter, which can produce snacks of different shapes.The machine is composed of three parts: the dough pressing part, the forming part and the conveyor belt part.
2. It can cut a variety of shapes, diamond, triangle, rectangle, square, and can adjust the cutting speed.
3.Width and thickness of chin chin snack can be adjusted according to the user, the size of the cut food uniform, no adhesion phenomenon.
4.It can automatically knead the dough into the container, no need for a person to operate, very convenient, the whole process only need one person to operate
5. It is made of stainless steel, non-stick, sanitary, easy to clean and easy to operate.
6.Length and width, thickness can be adjusted, and shape can be changed by changing different dies.
7. This dough cutting machine can be used to cut different shapes dough snack,such as Nigerian chin chin,Indian namak para,tortilla chips and so on.
8. Imitation manual operation, machine cutting molding good, no waste.
The video of chin chin cutting machine:
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