Chin Chin Making Machine Sold To Nigeria

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Last week, our chin chin making machine was successfully sent to Nigeria. The output required by the customer is 150 kg/h, the voltage is 380v, and the heating method is electric heating.Actually, the output of our machine can be customized according to the needs of customers.The heating mode of our machine is not only electric heating, but also gas heating, coal heating and so on. The heating mode can also be customized according to the needs of customers.

automatic chin chin making machine

In fact, the customer originally saw our chin chin cutting machine on the Internet, and wanted to buy this machine, because our chin chin cutting machine can cut various shapes, such as square, diamond, rectangle, triangle, hexagon and so on. However, our customer manager found that the customer had his own factory in Nigeria and was engaged in the production of chin chin when communicating with the customer, so he learned about its production process of chin chin from the customer. The customer said that they did not rely on machinery in most of the production. This time I saw our machine on the Internet and felt very good, because mechanical production makes food production easier and safer.So he quickly got in touch with us and wanted to know more about the product and get a quote for it.

After introducing chin chin cutting machine to the customer, our customer manager recommended our whole chin chin production line to the customer and sent our product page to the customer for browsing.A fter reading it, the customer felt very much in need, because it just wanted to expand the scale of his production, so he further learned the whole chin chin production line from us, including dough mixer, dough pressing machine,chin chin cutting machine, frying machine, deoiling machine and seasoning machine.We also introduced to the customer the detailed advantages of each machine. Finally, the customer made a deal with us.

chin chin making machine

The advantages of Chin Chin Making Machine:

Dough Mixing Machine:Helix mixing hook driven by gear within the mixing cylinder rotary, and at the same time mixing cylinder under the gear drive at a constant rotational speed, flour in the machine is constantly pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed in the cylinder, and then the flour is stirred enough, and rapid mixing, makes the dry flour gets uniform hydration, extend the gluten, and then becomes the  dough paste has certain elasticity, flexibility and uniform flow. 

Dough sheet press machine:The machine adopta the superior characters of like products home and abroad. It fills up the blank of food processing industry and enjoys high reputation from customers.The dough can be conveyed, folded and kneaded by this machine automatically and continuously, The machine is sanitary and safe,it is the ideal equipment of food processing line.It is widely used in food processing and catering units. 

Chin chin cutting machine:The length and thickness of the cutting shape is adjustable freely within the range of the machine to meet the requirements.Function of cutting makes the length and width of the products uniform.

Frying machine:The machine is a smokeless, multi-functional, oil-water mixed frying equipment, the equipment used in the world's most selected oil-water mixed frying process, effectively relieve the oxidation degree of fried oil, inhibit the rise of acid medium, in the frying process of automatic filtering residual inspection, automatic temperature control, so as to extend the service life of fried oil.

Deoiling mahcine:Adopt the centrifugal principle, deoiling the material while rotating rapidly, extend the shelf life of the product and improve the taste of the product.

The video of chin chin cutting machine:

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