Choose Right Type Fryer Machine

time:2020-03-10  Editor:Emily

In vegetable and fruit processing line, frying machine is a vital piece of machinery. Whether you want produce potato products like french fries and potato chips, or other foods like banana chips, onion rings, and so on, industrial fryer machines are must-haves for your processing lines. Frying processing is important process, for it can largely determine the quality of your final products. As a result, selecting right type of industrial frying machine can be of critical importance for the success of your vegetable and fruit processing lines. Here we will outline different types of commercial fryers available and their respective applications.

Commercial Fryer Machines Available

There are mainly three kinds of industrial frying machines in our factory. The first one is continuous frying machine, the second is batch type fryer, and the third one is small scale commercial frying machines.

Automatic Continuous Fryer Machine

The automatic frying machine is suitable for large scale automatic vegetable processing plants, which can fry a large quantities of products. Our continuous fryer machine can be used to fry a great many of vegetables, fruits, meats and other foods. Designed with advanced technology, the continuous frying machine can ensure optimal frying results with sustainable use of water, oil and energy during the frying process. To use oil in an economical way, our continuous frying machine is equipped with filtering system, which automatically filter out the residue during the frying process. What’s more, the automatic frying machine commercial is built with food grade stainless steels. This makes the fryer not only durable for long time operation, but also sanitary for the whole vegetable processing.

Batch Type Frying Machine

Our batch type frying machine is of round pot shape. Like continuous frying machine,commercial batch type fryer also can be applied to fry a great variety of vegetables, fruits, and so on. However, batch type can only fry products one batch after another another. This determines it can process limited capacities of products during set period time. As a result, it is suitable for small scale vegetable and fruit processing lines with semi-automatic machines. Since the batches in the fryer can stir products during operations, preventing products from clogging together. As for the oil temperature and frying time, equipped with PLC system, the batch fryer can ensure constant high oil temperature and allow you to adjust frying time according to your materials.
Commercial Basket Fryer Machine

As the name implies, this kind of fryer machine often include more than one baskets, in which you can fry your products. When frying, raw materials are fed into the basket type frying pan, soaked in high temperature oil. For a set period of time, you can lift the baskets up and drain off extra oil. Due to this manual work, industrial basket frying machines are often applied in fast food restaurants, street food stands and other small food processing plants. So compared with other types fryer machines, this commercial fryer machines are more compact in sizes and can be easily transported and displaced.

Industrial Fryer Machine Manufacturer

As a reliable manufacturer of commercial frying machines, our fryer machines are designed and made to meet customer needs: not only optimum frying results but also sustainable use of oil and energy. What’s more, all our frying machines are of great versatility, for they can fry a large variety of products in same machine. No matter what kind of fryer machines you choose, they are all made of high quality stainless steels with sanitary designs. The most importantly, our industrial frying machines can be customized in sizes, materials, and so on to meet your needs and requirements.

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