How Frozen French Fries are Made

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To understand how to make frozen french fries, let’s first explain the needs for frozen finger chips. French fries are widely consumed around the world, not only being a part of western style diet, but also a popular snack food. And with the rising popularity of western style food, such as international fast food chains, finger chips are becoming even more popular all over the world. As a result, there is great demand of french fries all over the world. And to meet these vast needs, frozen french fries come to rescue. For frozen finger chips can not only help fast food chains solve the inventory needs of french fries, but also provide consistent quality of french fries across their chains. Besides, in retail sector, families also seek frozen french fries to make their own delicious finger chips diets or snack foods.

how frozen french fries are made

Frozen French Fries Processing Plant

Where there is a need, there is a solution. Frozen french fries processing plant is designed to produce large quantities of frozen finger chips to meet great increasing demands. According to production capacities, there are large scale frozen french fries line and small scale one. While the large frozen french fries plant is always equipped with fully automatic frozen french fries making machines, small frozen finger chips line with semi-automatic machines. A suitable process line is vital for the success of your frozen french fries making business. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can offer you customized solutions for your frozen finger chips line as well as quality processing machinery.

Frozen Finger Chips Production Process and Machines

1. Sorting and grading. In this process, defective potatoes are sorted out to ensure the quality of raw materials, which determine the quality of final products. In automatic frozen french fries plant, this process is done by potato sorting and grading machine. While in small frozen french fries plant, this process can be done manually.
2. Washing and peeling. Washing and peeling potatoes is not complicate, but is necessary for obtaining optimum end products. We provide potato washer and peeler machine integrated in one, which can save you extra money for buying two machines. And the potato washing and peeling machine can wash and peel potatoes in an effective and efficient way.
3. Cutting. Peeled potatoes are transported to potato cutter, which cut them into strips. Our french fries cutting machine can cut large quantities of potatoes into strips with uniform shapes and adjustable thickness.
4. Blanching. Blanching can remove extra starches on cut potatoes, preserve its desirable color, and eliminate potential bacteria. Our blancher machine can blanch a great lot of cut potato with constant water temperature for a adjustable period of time.
5. Dehydration. After blanching, the surface of cut potato is covered with water. To ensure good frying results, it is necessary to dry up. Our dewatering machine mainly uses a vibrator system to drain off extra water without damage to the products.
6. Frying. The dried up potatoes strips are directed to french fries fryer machine, in which they will be deep fried in high temperature oil for a set period of time. Our finger chips frying machine can ensure constant high temperature of oil and allow for adjustable frying time. Except for good frying results, our fryer machine also focus on sustainable use of water, oil and energy during the frying process.
7. Deoiling. After frying, the surface of french fries is covered with extra oil. To prevent clogging together and ensure less oil, deoling machine comes to the rescue. It can drain off extra oil with minimum damage to the french fries themselves.
8. Air drying. The hot french fries are cooled down by ambient air cooling machine.
9. Freezing. This is a vital process in making frozen french fires. Our quick freezer machine can cool down french fries further without damage to its nutrition.
10. Packaging. The final stage of frozen finger chips processing is packaging. Packaging machine can do the job quickly and efficiently. Packing is important for it is easy to transport and store the frozen french fries.
11. Product handling. In automatic frozen french fries line, product handling machines transport raw materials from one process to another process.

Benefits of Frozen Finger Chips Plant

1. Sanitary design. All of our frozen finger chips making machines are made of food grade stainless steels, ensuring sanitation of products across all processes.
2. Customized solutions. We provide tailored solutions for your frozen french fries making lines according to your specific needs and requirements. For we know a suitable process line is vital for the success of frozen finger chips making business.
3. Top final products with energy efficiency. Quality frozen french fries making machines ensure optimum end products. Besides, to meet customer needs, our frozen french fries line can use less water, oil and energy during the processing.
4. Ease of cleanness and maintenance. Taking maintenance into consideration, our frozen french fries making machines are specially designed so that they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

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