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Food seasoning machine is suitable for food processing enterprises, used for cheese, potato chips,French fries,fruit chips, peanuts, beans and other snack mixing seasoning. Food of different shapes can be seasoned and mixed,automatic discharging, adjustable flavor. Seasoning machine has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation and safe use.Here, we provide you with two kinds of seasoning machine, drum seasoning machine and octangle seasoning machine.

1.Drum Seasoning Machine

Drum  seasoning machine is a kind of automatic seasoning equipment, this machine is equipped with automatic powder distribution function, adjustable inclination, easy to operate, high output, safe and sanitary, adoptng frequency conversion speed regulation, seasoning time can be adjusted, seasoning uniform, automatic discharge.It can be used alone or with production line.Food of different shapes can be seasoned and mixed.

Drum seasoning machine is mainly used for food processing later seasoning powder mixing or raw material wrapping powder coating and mixing special, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, reasonable structure, strong welding, bright surface, easy to clean, no noise, the length and diameter of seasoning can be customized according to customer needs.It can be used alone or with production line.Food of different shapes can be seasoned and mixed.

drun seasoning machine

2. Octangle Seasoning Machine

Octagonal design, to avoid the drum seasoning machine raw materials do not roll shortcomings.Fully stir the raw materials to taste evenly, and there is no dead Angle in the barrel of the seasoning machine, cleaning is more convenient, can automatically discharge, easy to use.Seasoning machine can achieve automatic mixing function, easy to use, can be used for all kinds of Fried and non-fried video seasoning, evenly sprinkle powder, wrapped pulp and so on.Stainless steel material, no rust, no corrosion, no pollution to food, environmental hygiene.Electronic control, adjustable speed, clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation.High efficiency, low noise.

octangle seasoning machine

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