How Does Plantain Chips Cutter Work ?

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Plantain chips cutter is one of the important equipment for mass production of plantain chips. Our plantain chips cutter machine can adjust the thickness of chips when slicing. So you want to know how a plantain chips works ?

The working Principle of Plantain Chips Cutter Machine:

The banana enters the cutter through the entrance. The machine has a sharp blade inside. Under the rapid rotation of the blade, the banana is cut into slices intact. Plantain chips cutter adopts pneumatic feeding device and cutting device.The bananas in the hopper are pressed into the cutting device under the action of the pneumatic device, and then the banana is automatically cut into thick slices by the cutting knife. The slice thickness can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.

How to adjust the thickness of banana slices?

We can adjust the position of the blade to control the thickness of banana slices. When we adjust the tightness of the screws on the blade, the gap between the cutter disc and the blade will change. When the gap between the cutter disc and the blade is small, the sliced banana is thinner. When the gap between the knife disc and the blade is large, the thickness of the banana slice will also increase.

plantain chips cutter

Application of Planain Chips cutting Machine:

1. The fruits to be sliced can be apple, banana, pear, kiwi fruit, lemon fruit, etc.

2. The vegetables to be sliced can be sweet potato, potato, carrot, lotus root, cucumber, Chinese yam, egg plant, tomato, bitter ground, etc.

3. The cutting angle and the thickness(2-20mm) can be adjustable according to customers' need.The minimum thickness can be 2mm.

The advantages of plantain chips 

1. Made of high quality stainless steel.

2. Cutting circle machine has high output.

3.This banana slicer has simple structure, stable work performance and easy to operate.

4. According to the different cutting angle, we can customize diagonals.

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