How To Make Fresh French Fries Crispy?

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Improperly prepared french fries become soft and not crisp, and fries producers certainly don't want this to happen because it affects the sale of their fries. In order to help french fries producers produce high-quality french fries and improve their market competitiveness, we provide you with high quality french fries manufacturing equipment.

french fries manufacturing equipment

How to make fresh french fries crispy?

1.Choos high starch potatoes

Potatoes are starch and water. High starch has a dry, powdery texture. They are ideal for French fries. Auburn is the king of low moisture and high starch. Best for French fries. 99% of Idaho potatoes are Russets, so many stores call Russets Idahos. You can also use generic potatoes. They contain the right amount of starch and moisture and can be used in any potato formula.

2.Frying french fries twice

The French fries are fried once at a lower temperature until they are slightly golden yellow, and then fried at a higher temperature for a second time until the French fries become golden yellow and crispy. After the first frying, the chips were removed and drained and allowed to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. Or refrigerate them in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. The tougher surface and cooler interior give the chip more time to develop the necessary crispy casing before burning.

3.Automatic control frying time and temperature

Our french fries frying machine has double temperature control. You can set the temperature of oil freely.  The temperature of the water is cooled by natural wind and automatic cold water cycling system. Accurate temperature ensures you make the crispy french fries.

4.Remove excess oil from french fries

Our french fries oil removing machine can help you to remove excess oil, makes it not so greasy.And our french fries oil removing machine can achieve automatic discharge.

Working video of our French Fries Manufacturing Equipment:

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