Potato Slicer Machine For Business

time:2019-05-22  Editor:Emily

Nigerian customers saw us on the youtube video and got in touch with us. He is a potato chips producer and wants to buy a potato slicer machine for business. Our potato chips slicer machine for sale can cut potato chips within 1-5 mm. The slicing thickness can be adjusted. The nigerian customer wants to cut potato chips in 1 mm, so we reached a deal.

potato slicer mahcine for business

Features of Potato Slicing Machine in Nigeria:

This potato chips slicer machine for sale is specially designed for potato chip slicing, and the equipment is easy to operate.
The slice thickness of the machine can be adjusted from 1-5mm, and the breaking rate is low.
The potato slicer machine for business greatly reduces the labor level and increases the output.
The machine is suitable for potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, yam, taro, etc.

How does our Potato Chips Slicer Machine work?

We are potato chips slicer machine manufacturer, if you want potato slicer machine for business,welcome to contact to me by email or phone.

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