Industrial Potato Chips Food Dewatering Machine Price

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The industrial potato chips dewatering machine price is favorable, recently, many Nigerian customers have come to inquire about the price of induatrial dewatering machine.In Nigeria, there are many businessmen who are engaged in the potato chips production business. They said they did not know and understand the importance of the potato chips dewatering machine before. In fact, the dewatering machine in Nigeria plays a crucial role in the potato chips production line.Using the industrial potato chips food dewatering machine can also help potato chips makers become more competitive in the market.

potato chips dewatering machine

Why choose our potato chips food dewatering machine?
  • Multi-purpose machine: This food dewatering machine can be used for dehydration and oil removal of various vegetables and fruits, such as dehydrated potato chips, French fries, spinach and so on.
  • Wide use: The industrial dewatering machine can be used not only for dewatering but also for deoiling
  • Equipped with shockproof system, in the process of dehydration and deoiling without violent vibration
  • Adopt centrifugal principle, dewatering and deoiling efficiency is high
  • Equipped with automatic digital control, electromagnetic braking, easy operation, high dewatering efficiency, high oil removal rate,
  • Equipped with frequency and speed controller, according to your needs to adjust the speed of the rotating basket.
chips dewatering machine
Industrial potato chips food dewatering machine working video:

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