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Fried food deoiling machine is widely used in the deep-fried food deoiling, to squeeze out the excess oil in the food, to ensure that the fried food taste better, more healthy for the human body.Fried sanck deoiling machine is made of high quality stainless steel, using the centrifugal principle, high oil removal efficiency.Fully enclosed special machine tool, equipped with digital control panel, automatic electromagnetic braking, shockproof device, with the advantages of frequency control, time controllable.Our deoiling machine proce is reasonable,welcome to inquire the price of deoiling machine for sale Philippines.

fried food deoiling machine

Why choose our fried food deoiling machine?
  • Electromagnetic braking, centrifugal principle deoiling, deoiling speed is fast, high efficiency.
  • Anti-vibration system can prevent vibration in the process of deoiling, with low noise and more convenient use.
  • Fully automatic digital control, high degree of automation, no need to spend extra workers to operate.
  • The rotary barrel of the machine can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the deoiling time can be set freely, which is easy to operate.
centrifugal deoiling machine
Our centrifugal deoiling machine is multi-usage, also can be used to dewatering for vegetable and fruits.The deoiling machine price is favorable,suitable for food processing industry.

food dewatering machine

Using our centrifugal fried food deoiling machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve working conditions, reduce environmental pollution and improve production efficiency.The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, high strength, convenient operation and maintenance, low operation cost, and is widely applicable to various standard food production enterprises.

How does our deoiling machine works?

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