Centrifugal Oil Removing Machine From Food

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Fried foods can also become very healthy after being deoiled by the fried food deoiling machine.The fries and chips we buy are sold after deoiling.Fried food after deoiling can be more in line with the public eating habits, because no one will like to eat too greasy food.Deoiling is not only for improving the taste of food, but also for health.So, our company developed an advanced deoiling machine suitable for any fried food.

oil removing machine from food

Why the Fried Food Oil Removing Machine can achieve deoil effect?

Using the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder, the oil will be thrown out and collected.First upper uniform feeding, make the material evenly into the oil cylinder, and then by inverter automatic control, to take off the oil cylinder speed, step by step growth speed to work, with the oil materials by high speed centrifugation, through a porous deoiling tube wall material and oil separation, after the separation, the oil was dumped outside cylinder after collection by the oil outlet to the oil pan, complete material deoiling.

fried food oil removing machine

Our Oil Removing Machine From Food Can Help You Do:

  • Ensure that the deoiling work is completed on time, the machine is equipped with a timer, the deoiling time can be set by yourself.
  • To ensure the stable operation of deoiling, the machine is equipped with shockproof device, the amplitude of deoiling is small, the operation is stable.
  • The machine is made of high quality stainless steel and will not pollute or corrode the materials.
  • To ensure the production demand, the machine will not damage the material while completing the deoiling work, the working principle is centrifugal movement, efficient deoiling.

How does our Food Oil Removing Machine work?

We have two kinds of oil removing machine from food, both machine can achieve automatic discharge.More details welcome to contact to me by email or phone.
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