Stainless Steel Potato Cutter For Fries Or Chips

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With the cultivation of talents, science and technology also progress, potato cutting machine was developed.Potato chips or french fries makers can cut and slice potatoes more easily with the help of a potato cutter, which is suitable for industrial production. One potato cutting mahcine can produce as much as ten human operation production.

Do you know the advantages of our potato cutting machine?

1. The blade of the potato cutter are made of stainless steel, very sharp, which can cut the potato chips very fast in good shape.

2. It not only can cut the potatoes,but also can cut onions, taro, pawpaw into stips smoothly without any damage.

3. Easy to operate, clean, quick to work, widely used in fast food restaurants, hotels and related industries.

4. The potato cutting machine has large output, high cutting efficiency, high degree of automation by mechanical production.

5. This machine cutting quality is good, the slice is smooth, cutting strip is evenly, does not damage the material in the cutting process.

6. Machine cutting size and slicing thickness can be customized according to customer‘s requirements.

How to operate potato cutter?

The operation of the machine is very simple, just put the machine on a smooth ground, connect the power supply, turn on the switch, put the potato into the machine entrance, the potato will be cut into strips or slices with the rotation of the blade.The sharp blade ensures good cutting and uniform cutting shape during cutting.Simply by changing the blade, you can decide whether the machine is in the shape of a strip or a slice.

potato cutting machine

The potato cutting machine has always been our most popular machine, not only because of its many advantages, but also because the potato itself has a lot of edible efficacy:

Potatoes have a wonderful effect on the human body. The thin person can get fat, the fat person can lose weight, and the body will become slim. Potatoes have the effects of losing weight, maintaining blood vessel elasticity, and discharging sodium and potassium.

2. Beauty
Potatoes have a good effect on skin care and skin care. Fresh potato juice is applied directly to the face, and the whitening effect is very significant.

3. Eat good character
Food can affect people's emotions because it contains minerals and nutrients that can act on the body and improve mental state.

4. Eliminate edema
Potatoes are rich in vitamins and trace elements such as calcium and potassium, and are easy to digest and absorb. They are rich in nutrients. In Europe and the United States, especially in North America, potatoes have long become the second staple food. Potatoes are good for the recovery of patients with hypertension and nephritis edema.

5. Keep the pace of the years
Potatoes are anti-aging foods, and people who regularly eat potatoes are healthy and old. It meets hygienic standards and is easy to clean. Compact and beautiful, easy to operate. The volume and capacity are large, the cleaning and peeling are convenient, and the work efficiency is high. Advanced design, easy operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, hygienic, safe and efficient.

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