How To Peel Potato In A Simple Way ?

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As a potato peeling machine manufacturer, we reasearch and develop two kinds of potato peeling machine in order to peel potatoes in a simple way.Mechanical peeling makes production simpler and safer.

1. Automatic Brush Potato Peeling Machine

The machine is suitable for the sorting and cleaning of carrot, potato and other root vegetables and citrus fruit materials. It adopts food-grade belt and food-grade brush to transport and clean, and uses rotary brush with high-pressure spray. The machine has good cleaning effect and can clean stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables.Adopt high quality 304 stainless steel manufacturing, in line with the national food export standards.

This machine has the beautiful appearance, the cleaning and peeling volume is big, does not damage the material in the cleaning and peeling process, the efficiency is high, the energy consumption is small, can clean continuously, the operation is simple, the service life is long and so on the characteristic, the brush roller material after the special craft processing (uses the nylon rope rolling but becomes), is durable, the wear-resisting performance is good.The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, not corroded, clean and hygienic.Especially suitable for colleges and universities, dining halls, hotels.Less occupation, less loss rate, less electricity.Save time, save effort.Can be customized according to customer requirements.

The machine washes the dirt off the raw material until it is clean and then opens the discharge door to discharge the material.Handle welding and door combination structure the exit part of the machine, turn the handle counterclockwise, fasten the handle baffle plate on the small cover of the door, pull the spring to pull the door plate, then the material can be discharged.

brush potato peeling machine

2.Friction Potato Peeling Machine

Potato peeling machine adopts centrifugal rotation, friction peeling technology, the machine in the process of rotation, potato and bucket wall stone sand friction, potato complete peeling.The machine structure is exquisite, the operation is convenient, suitable for the hotel, the guesthouse, the college, the dining room, the food processing plant and so on carries on the potato cleaning and the peeling.This machine saves time, water and electricity. It can peel quickly in two minutes.The machine has high removal rate, low damage rate, one machine peeling is equal to ten artificial peeling.Clean, hygienic, high production efficiency, operation, simple, convenient, is an ideal potato peeling equipment.

friction potato peeling machine

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