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Raw Material: Raw French Fries
Capacity: 700 KG/H
Applications: This machine is used to blanch raw french fries before frying.It
Advantages: The french fries blanching machine not only can prevent the Browning of french fries, but also can reduce the water content, improve the color of french fries, reduce the time of frying.Machine output can be customized according to the needs of customers.

The Description of French Fries Blanching Machine

The french fries blanching machine is a blanching device with many years of production experience of our company,which is improved according to the needs of frozen vegetable processing and customers' needs. The equipment and the increase of production efficiency and product out-of-town rate reduce energy consumption. On the market has been recognized by the majority of customers. The main body of this machine is made of stainless steel and food-grade UPE material, which meets the food processing standards and is clean and hygienic.

The Working Principle of This French Fries Blanching Machine

1.The belt type steam blanching machine is equipped with hot scalding and cooling in one body. It is equipped with a superheated steam generator and does not require boiler equipment. No pressure operation, safe and reliable. The machine has the characteristics of quick fixation, protection of enzyme color and timely dehydration and cooling, and once completed, the fruits and vegetables maintain the original natural color.
2.Through this french fries blanching machine, the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables is stopped, to maintain the unique color of fruits and vegetables, to disseminate the green odor of vegetables and retain fragrance, improve the softness of cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water, for the next drying dehydration process The process requirements lay a good foundation.

The Automatic French Fries Blanching Machine Application Area:
This kind of automatic french fries blanching machine is mainly used for blanching and fixing of fruit, root vegetables, fragile products such as carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, and fruit slices. It is an indispensable blanching device for pre-processing such as quick freezing, dehydration, and freeze-drying.

The blanching machine is an ideal equipment for the blanching treatment that is often required in the process of color protection in fruit and vegetable processing.
automatic french fries blanching machine

The Features of French Fries Blanching Machine

1.The whole machine of this french fries blanching machine is made of stainless steel.
2.In order to ensure the uniform blanching hot tank, using hot water circulation to make the product quality as one, control the original product color and product rate.
3.The device is equipped with a multi-point measurement function to meet the needs of different customers on the product temperature.
4.The device is equipped with automatic heating system, the temperature can be automatically controlled, the speed of frequency control.
5.In order to ensure the blanching, cooling each section with a surf configuration.
6.The device is simple, stable operation, low noise, easy flushing and maintenance.
commercial fries blanching machine

Technial Data
Model Power Voltage Dimension Capacity
GG-700 125 KW 380V/50Hz 4000*1600*950mm 700 kg/h

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