Green Banana Peeling Machine Ship Nigeria

time:2019-04-22  Editor:Emily

This Nigerian customer has purchased our banana peeling machine for the second time. Three months ago, the customer bought a banana peeler from us. After three months of use, the customer thought that our machine was very suitable for their production needs.So they decided to buy a banana peeler from us again.

As manufacturer of banana chips making machine, we not only supply banana peeling machine, but also have banana cutting machine, banana chips frying machine, etc. The Nigerian customer also buy the banana chips frying machine this time because he wanted to expand his banana chip business. 

The use of Banana Peeling Machine:

This banana peeling machine is easy to operate, manual feeding, the staff will remove the banana at both ends, just press the banana into the machine, the banana will be automatically peeled, peeled fruit skin and flesh will be separated automatically.

banana peeling machine

The Features of Banana Peeling Machine:

Using manual feeding, automatic peeling process, remove the green banana skin, quickly produce 60-360 bananas per minute, peel clean, complete pulp.Suitable for any curved surface, any size of banana, any shape of banana  can be peeledperfect, rapid peeling, peeling effect is unique to the current global banana peeling machine, is the world's banana plants will choose the product.

The Advantages of Banana Peeling Machine:

1. Make the work of a banana peel with 1 second.
2. the machine to peel and clean, banana flesh smooth without damage.

3.The machine has a high output per minute, and can peel 60.

4.This machine is suitable for any size, green banana peel camber angle.

The video of Banana Chips Peeling Machine:

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