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If you want or are in the pani puri production business, you must need a fully automatic frying machine.Such a fully automatic pani puri frying machine not only has a high degree of automation, but also can help producers realize fully automated production and ensure the quality of frying pani puri.When you want to buy a fully automatic pani puri frying machine, you must have doubts about where to buy a high-quality fully automatic frying machine.If you choose us, you won't be disappointed.Our fully automatic frying machine has many advantages, and has been sold to India, Indonesia, the United States, France and more than 130 countries.If you are lucky enough to read this article, then we are lucky, let me help you to know about our fully automatic pani puri frying machine.

The introduction of automatic pani puri frying machine:

1. Material: SUS304 food grade stainless steel, beautiful appearance, strong and durable.It is corrosion resistant and will not contaminate food during production.
2. The external size:1300*1400*1800mm  1400*1400*1100mm  1700*1700*1100mm
3. Power: 36 kw 48 kw 60 kw   Different output of the machine will also vary in power.
4. rated voltage: 380 V             The voltage can be customized according to customer's requirements.
5. Intelligent digital display thermostat is adopted to automatically control the temperature after setting the frying temperature. The frying temperature can be set according to different materials.
6. The use of automatic temperature control: no overheating, no residue, to avoid the rise of acid price, black oil, greatly reduce the soot produced in the work.The frying time of the product was effectively controlled and the phenomenon of frying paste was avoided due to negligence.
7. Equipped with over-temperature protection device, the machine will stop working when the temperature reaches a certain height, so that you can be more assured and ensure the safety of the frying process.
8. Equipped with leakage protection system, there will be no failure, let you use more safe.
9. The use of rotary mixing method synchronization, in case the food stuck together, because of extrusion, mixing products will be separated, to ensure the uniformity of Fried food.
10. Automatic discharge system, convenient discharge, reduce labor intensity of workers, ensure the consistency of food frying time in the frying machine, improve the quality of products

Why choose us:
1. Quality equipment products;
2. Profound understanding of food processing industry;
3. A team of experienced and talented engineers;
4. Good training and pleasant sales team;
5. Advanced production facilities;
6. Efficient and humanized management;

As a professional supplier of pani puri frying machine since its inception uphold technology first, quality first, reputation first for the purpose of the development, efforts to pursue, fast growth, take the market as the backing, according to the market demand in a timely manner to improve and develop products that meet the customer requirement, we always insist on technology, quality, service for the purpose, we in addition to the automatic frying machine, also provide continuous pani puri frying machine, if you are interested in our machine, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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