How Are Fries Made In A Factory ?

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How are fries made in a factory?

The industrial processing of French fries needs to go through the following technological processes: washing and peeling ,cutting, blanching ,dewatering , frying, deoiling, seasoning and packing.These processes form a complete French fries production line, making the production of French fries safer and more efficient.

french fries processing line

How french fries are made from potatoes?
  1. Washing and Peeling Machine:This maxhine is used to peel potatoes,and the potatoes peeled will not damage.The peeled potato has a smooth surface, the peel and potatoes will be separated automatically.
  2. Cuttng Machine: This machine is used to cut potatoes into strips or slices,has Sharp blade, fast cutting speed, adjustable cutting thickness.
  3. Blanching Machine: This machine is to blanch potatoes, in order to protact the color of potatoes and remove starch to make it taste better.
  4. Frying Machine: This machine is used to fry french fries with high efficiency and qualiy, our commercial french fries frying machine could ensure the taste and good appearance of french fries.
  5. Deoiling Machine: This machie is used to remove excess oil from french fries,adopts centrifugal principle,more efficiently.
  6. Seasoning Machine:This machine is used to add flavor to fries fries,whch can season fench fries evenly and efficiently.

french fries processing line

What are the advantages of the French Fries Processing Line?

1. All the machines are made of stainless steel, which is safer and more durable.

2. It greatly improved the speed of production and realized efficient production.

3. It greatly reduced the cost of  labor force.

4. It is more in line with food safety standards and making food healthier.

How Are Fries Made In A Factory ?

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