Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine for Sale

Raw Material:chicken
Applications: This machine is used to fry chicken nuggets with high efficiency.
Advantages:Frying temperature and frying time of the machine can be adjusted freely according to different fried foods.Continuous production under constant temperature ensures the consistency of frying temperature and time and the quality of chicken nuggets.

The introduction of chicken nuggets frying machine:
Adopt advanced oil-water mixing technology, oil and water will be automatically divided into two layers, oil is fried in the upper part of the material, water is in the lower part of the absorption of some impurities, so can avoid oil become black or acidification, and can be cleaned in time.Reduce the waste of oil and save energy.
The features of chicken nuggets frying machine:
1. The machine body is made of SUS304 stainless steel with exquisite workmanship, long service life and easy cleaning.
2.The machine can automatically control the temperature, when the temperature reaches the set value, it will stop heating, so as to save electricity consumption.
3. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which can meet the hygienic standard.
4. Fryer has high efficiency and low energy consumption.It can save 50% oil, 40% electricity and coal.
5. The frying machine has controllable time and temperature, which is very energy-saving.
6. Automatic smoke exhaust system to ensure a good working environment.
7. Equipped with automatic slag scraping system, the bottom residue is cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of oil.
8. Double-layer mesh belt is adopted to transport materials, and food is sandwiched between the two layers of mesh belt, so as to avoid food floating, make frying more uniform and ensure the quality of frying products.

chicken nuggets frying machine

Technial Data

Model GG-4500
Heating type Electric
Power 90-120 kw
Dimension 5000*1000*200mm
Capacity 200-500 kg/h
Temperature 0-300℃


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